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School Age Program


Children, Grades K-3, thrive in our Before & After School Program.  Our program for school-age children in recreational in nature.  Time is divided between a mix of free play and structured activity.  We want to provide a "fun place to be" rather than somewhere the children feel they "have to be".  Regularly planned activities include:  cooking, arts & crafts, theatre arts, various sports including fencing, field trips and movie days.  Two computers are available for the children's use and time is scheduled for the completion of homework each day.

While we recognize that older children (Grades 4 - 6) still need care, we've discovered over the years that somewhere along the way, usually starting around 3rd grade, children start to resent Rainbow School.  It doesn't matter that we may have been their home-away-from-home for the majority of their lifetime--suddenly Rainbow School becomes a glaring reminder to them of the awkwardness of their age.  It is a time when many children long for the independence that they simply do not yet have the life skills to handle.

When this happens--Rainbow School can do nothing to console these children.  They become "bored".  Their "teachers are mean".  There's "nothing to do", etc.  It's really quite a painful time for everyone involved when this happens--so rather than have our children leave us on a bitter note after so many years being their second home, we ask our parents to make other arrangements for their children.  At this point in a child's life--it's simply amazing what a change of scenery can do!  In some cases, of course, we'll consider working with a child beyond 3rd grade, but the bottom line is--it has to be right for the child.

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